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The following pieces are a few examples of my work. However I'd love to share more with you so please reach out to me to request additional portfolio samples.

Professional Skills

Work Call

CHALLENGE: Program participants for this technical theatre training program were struggling when attending work calls. Employment partners and the participants themselves identified that they needed help understanding how to be prepared for a work call, be successful during a work call, and allow these work calls to lead to future employment. This is a combination of in-person training and eLearning.


TOOLS USED: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Suite




The opening page of this elearning course plays on the theme of a fashion show or live event. A voice over leads the learner through the course as well as navigation below and to the left. 


Train the Trainer

Train the traner

CHALLENGE: Subject Matter Experts who also served as instructors struggled to create learning objectives that aligned with industry standards and were assessed via appropriate performance assessment. This is the second part of a three-part training on curriculum building.


TOOLS USED: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Suite




This is an interactive Articulate Storyline file that is to be used simultaneously with an ILT virtual class. Variable input fields collect information to share and display.


Managing the Cognitive Load

Cognitie Load


At the start the learner knows exactly what the content of the eLearning will be. The learner has access to the source document from the state at all points throughout the eLearning. The animated video background helps to set a low-stress energetic mood.


CHALLENGE: Food services workers are required to understand health and hygiene standards for kitchens throughout NYC shelters. The imformation can be extensive and overwhelming. By focusing on key points and making the information discoverable through interaction, workers can retain key points without having to wade through long detailed documents.

TOOLS USED: Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate Storyline

Interactive Employee Handbook

CHALLENGE: Program participants weren't taking the time to review the important material in the employee handbook. And those who did review it were having trouble retaining most the information.

TOOLS USED: Articulate Rise, Adobe Creative Suite


While the learner is guided through this interactive handbook, they also have the opportunity to select where they want to go
next. Large amounts of information are shared in a way that isn't overwhelming.


Graphic Design

The following is a portfolio of my graphic design experience which includes both print and user interface. All projects are completed with products from Adobe Creative Suite as well as Quark Xpress.


The design of the user interface for this web application known as IQ Coin was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and hand coded in  HTML and ASP.

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